Children & baby accessories by Little Daisies

Little Daisies supply a variety of accessories for your baby or child. From changing bags to blankets, we have a wide range of accessories in our store. Our accessories are suitable for both babies and children. You can visit our store in Norfolk or give us a call for more information on any of the items in our store.

Trusted products

Our products are hand picked from trusted suppliers. We stock only the best products which ensures our customers are always satisfied with the products purchased from our store. We are always on hand to offer advice on what products are best suited to each individual.

Why choose us?

  • Affordable prices
  • Wide range of high-quality products
  • Friendly & professional staff
  • Always on hand to offer advice

Our accessories:

  • Changing Bags
  • Blankets
  • Safety Equipment
  • Hygiene Essentials
  • Feeding Equipment
  • Nursing Pillows